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Welcome to Nashville Repertory Theatre Rentals. Over its 35-year history, the theatre has assembled a brilliant collection of 50,000+ costumes, props, and set pieces. Whether your interest is in a single item or an entire show, we’re here to help!

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How it Works

Costumes: We have a varied selection of men and women’s costumes from the 1400s to the 1980s. This includes hats, shoes, undergarments, and other accessories. Our costume stock is a balance between custom made theatrical costumes created for Nashville Repertory Theatre productions, as well as purchased, reproduction, and vintage garments. The Nashville Rep costume stock is available for rent to the local theatre community, schools, film companies, and other professional organizations. 

When you come in to select costumes, please bring your actor’s measurements. Because the majority of our costume stock is made up of custom-built items, they do not have commercial sizes in them. You will need neck, chest, waist, and hip circumferences as well as sleeve and pant lengths. Costume selection is a “self-service” process; a costume shop representative will show you available costumes and you may choose the items that you would like to rent. 

Props: We have a variety of props, furniture, and scenic pieces that are available for rent to the local theatre community, universities, schools, film companies, photographers, and other professional organizations. Most of our stock is vintage or historical reproduction.

When you make an appointment to rent props, include as much information as possible, like a detailed description of what you are interested in renting and what sizes you need. Including pictures with your request is always appreciated.

Costume and prop rental appointments need to be scheduled and confirmed in advance, and appointment times are based on the discretion of Nashville Rep. Appointment hours are 10am-5pm, Monday through Thursday. We cannot accommodate drop ins, so make sure to schedule an appointment!

Keep in mind that picking up, loading, transporting, and returning all rented items will be up to you! We do not have a delivery or shipping service. 

To get started with your rental request, contact us at or 615-349-3227, or just fill out the form below! We are happy to set up an appointment with you to help make your production or event a success!


Can I rent both costumes and props during the same appointment?
Yes, just make sure you let the rentals manager know you need both in advance of your appointment.

Can you build custom costumes?
Maybe. You must contact the Rentals Manager at for information on commission-based rentals. Costume commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Costume Shop Manager and the Rentals Manager. All costumes will remain the property of Nashville Repertory Theatre and will return to the Rep’s stock after the agreed rental period. Commissions will not be accepted less than on month prior to when the costume is needed.

Can you build custom props or sets?
Depending on our production schedule and personnel availability we may be able to build something for you, and pricing will be based on type of labor, materials, and time. Please email for more information. 

Can I pull extra costumes?
Yes, you can take as many costume options that you would like. Full rental fee will be waived for unused costumes which are returned prior to opening night/event date; however, a restocking fee of 5% may be charged for each unused item at the discretion of the Rentals Manager.

Do I need to dry clean the costumes?
No, dry cleaning and laundering costs are factored into your rental price. However, there will be additional cleaning charges if there is an excess of stains on rented garments. 

Do you carry Disney costumes or Mascots?
No, we do not have any licensed costumes such as Disney or Marvel, and we do not have mascots or animal costumes in our stock.

Do you have fantasy and Halloween costumes?
While we have a few fantasy pieces, the majority of our costumes are realistic and historical. 

Do you have modern furniture and props in your stock?
Very little.  Most of our stock is vintage or historical reproduction.

Can I reserve items?
No. Rentals are first come first serve, and any piece's availability is subject to the needs of the Nashville Rep’s current season.

Can I make alterations to a rented item?
Rental items cannot be altered in any way (including painting, changing hardware, reupholstering, or distressing) without the written permission of the Rental Manager. Any items modified without permission will be subject to damage or replacement fees.

Can I hold fittings at Nashville Rep?
No. We do not have the space to host outside fittings.

Can I rent your theater?
We produce our shows at Tennessee Performing Arts Center.  You must contact them directly for space rental.

How do I get started?
Please email or call 615-349-3227 to schedule an appointment. 

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