Rent Props and Costumes from Nashville Rep!

Welcome to Nashville Repertory Theatre Rentals. Over its 35-year history, the theatre has assembled a brilliant collection of 50,000+ costumes, props, and set pieces. Whether your interest is in a single item or an entire show, we’re here to help!

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Appointment only- Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm

How it Works

  • Contact us! Let us know what you’re looking for, what dates your project/event runs, and where you’re located. For quickest response use the form below or email

  • Our Rentals Manager will be in touch shortly to either schedule an appointment for perusal/pick-up (for local renters) or arrange items to ship (for out-of-town costume renters only).

  • Our rentals are typically self-service, unless you opt otherwise or are not local, so please come to your appointment prepared with any measurements, specs, and visual research you may need to make your selections as well as billing information.

  • If you are not local or opt for us to gather your rental for you our Rentals Manager will collaborate with you to get you the pieces you need for shipping (costumes only) or pickup.

Keep in mind that, while we can arrange mailing of costume rentals, we do not ship or have a delivery service for props or furniture rentals. Please plan accordingly.

Note: We do not have performance or rehearsal space available for rental. We produce ours shows at Tennessee Performing Arts Center and rehearse in the television studios at Nashville Public Television. You must contact those organizations directly for space rental.

What We Rent

Costumes - We have a varied selection of men and women’s costumes from the 1400s to the 1980s. This includes hats, shoes, undergarments, and other accessories. Our costume stock is a balance between custom made theatrical costumes created for Nashville Repertory Theatre productions, as well as purchased, reproduction, and vintage garments.

Props - We have a variety of props and furniture available for rent. This includes vintage or historical reproduction furniture, retro and antique homewares, linens, soft goods, fake food, old books/magazines, framed artwork, antique cameras, signage and more.

We do NOT have any backdrops, audio equipment, performance/rehearsal space, or licensed costumes/mascots (Disney, Marvel, etc) available for rental.


General +

I didn’t need all my costumes. Can I return the unused ones?

All rentals are final for film and individual rentals. For schools and theaters extra pieces may be taken for fittings. Pieces returned prior to opening night and will be removed from the invoice and replaced with a small restocking fee. All costume pieces in the care of the renter on opening night will be charged at full price.

Can I make changes to a rented item?

Props and furniture cannot be altered in any way (including painting, changing hardware, reupholstering, or distressing) without the written permission of the Rental Manager. Costumes may be altered temporarily using methods that do not harm the garments and alterations must be removed before returning the pieces. Props or costumes that are returned with alterations may be subject to replacement or repair fees. Because many of our pieces are custom made the replacement fee of an item may be up to 10 times the rental fee of that item.

What is the length of rental?

The length of rental varies depending on the type of rental organization. Any rental order may be renewed for an additional term at 60% of the original order price.

Film: 1 Week

Theater: 6 Weeks

Schools: 6 Weeks

Individual/Other: 1 Week

Can I reserve items?

No. Rentals are first come first serve, and any piece's availability is subject to the needs of the Nashville Rep’s current season. Some exceptions may be made for seasonal items.

Services and Custom +

Do I need to dry clean the costumes?

Dry cleaning and laundering can be completed either by the renter or Nashville Rep. There will be a 15% cleaning fee added to the order price for all costume items that need to be cleaned by Nashville Rep. An additional week of processing time will be provided for renters opting to dry clean and launder their rental.

Can I rent an outfit for a costume party?

Yes! Let us know what your vision is and we’ll help make it happen.

Can you choose the costumes for my show and cast?

Yes! If you provide visual research, measurements, and sufficient lead time we can pull costumes based on that information and have them ready for pick-up or shipping upon your approval. This is an additional fee of 15%.

Can you build custom props or sets?

Depending on our production schedule and personnel availability we may be able to build something for you, and pricing will be based on type of labor, materials, and time. Please contact us for more information.

Do you make custom costumes?

Yes! Costume commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Costume Shop Manager and the Rentals Manager dependent on our production schedule and personnel availability. Commissions will not be accepted less than one month prior to when the costume is needed.

We offer two types of commissions-

  1. Partial custom: All pieces will remain the property of Nashville Repertory. Theatre and will return to the Rep’s stock after the agreed rental period. We provide the materials and collaborate with the client on their vision. The client pays just the rental fee and a commission price of $10-$20 per item.
  2. Fully custom: All pieces will be the property of the client after the commission is completed. The client provides the materials and design. Pricing will be based on type of labor, materials, and time. The price will be quoted ahead of the commission and 50% of the quote must be paid for work to begin.

Can you hem these pants/ quick rig this shirt/ replace the zipper in this jacket, etc?

Yes! We also offer flat rates for existing garment alterations- contact us for more information.

Can you ship items?

It depends on the item. Costumes and accessories, yes. Props- no. Any shipping fees will be included on the invoice unless the recipient has a Fedex account number. Return shipping (including any damage that may occur in transit) is the responsibility of the renter. Insurance is advised.

Pricing and Payment +

What are your prices?

Prices vary depending on the item and the type of rental organization and the length of rental. Pulling service is an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

What types of payment do you accept?

Any kind of rental can pay with either card or cash. Businesses, schools, and other organizations can also pay by business check or PO. No matter the ultimate payment method every customer account must have a valid credit or debit card on file to rent.

Do you require a deposit?

No. However, every customer account must have a valid credit or debit card on file to rent which may be charged for incidentals should they arise. Our rental agreement outlines this in more detail. Please contact us to see a copy of our rental agreement for your organization.

Can I purchase an item?

Maybe. We do periodically go through our stock to let things go and make room for other items and would be more than happy to find a good home for those pieces. Other items, however, may be very valuable to have in our stock and we don’t want to get rid of them.

What Do You Have? +

Do you have fantasy or Halloween costumes?

Yes! In 2019 we will be debuting our ‘Halloween Shop’ for the month of October. Stay tuned for more information about when you’ll be able to browse a curated selection of fun and spooky Halloween looks.

Do you have a Santa costume?

Yes! However it’s understandably in high demand around the holidays so may not be available. We also have Santa and elf hats, festive cloaks, and other Christmas gear.

Can I rent your theater?

We produce our shows at Tennessee Performing Arts Center and rehearse in the television studios at Nashville Public Television. You must contact them directly for space rental.