Ingram New Works

The Ingram New Works Project empowers exceptional new voices to write the stories they are most passionate about. Ingram New Works and Nashville Repertory Theatre provide playwrights with season-long developmental support, travel, lodging, hospitality, networking, and audiences, allowing them to focus on what they do best: creating powerful, necessary, impactful new plays. The three pieces of the Project are the Lab, Fellowship, and Festival.Since 2009, the Ingram New Works Project has supported the development of over 60 new plays. We are the playwrights’ home away from home, powered by Nashville’s authentic and radical hospitality.

Applications for the 2019-2020 Ingram New Works Lab are now closed! Lab playwrights for our 2019-2020 season will be announced soon.


Ingram New Works Labs

Providing one-of-a-kind support and resources to early-career playwrights
Selected through a highly competitive national search, Lab Playwrights visit Nashville monthly to develop a brand new play. Nashville Rep provides each playwright with tailor-made developmental support and radical hospitality throughout the year, leading up to the premier staged readings of their plays at the Ingram New Works Festival. The 2019-20 Ingram Lab Dates are: September 19-22; October 24-27; December 5-8; March 5-8; April 16-19.

Ingram New Works Fellowship

Supporting the continued work of a nationally recognized playwright who has made extraordinary contributions to the field
Each year the Ingram New Works Fellow is invited to develop a new play with the full support of the Ingram New Works Project. The Fellow participates in Playwrights Week in January and serves as a mentor to Ingram Lab Playwrights. Past Fellows include Sarah Ruhl, Christopher Durang, Doug Wright, Donald Margulies, Teresa Rebeck, and many others. 2020 Playwrights Week is scheduled for January 11-17, 2020.

Ingram New Works Festival

Nashville’s Annual Celebration of New Plays & Playwrights
The culmination of the Ingram New Works Project, the festival features the premier public reading of all five new plays developed during the residency. The 2020 Ingram New Works Festival will take place May 11-16, 2020.


The 2019 Ingram New Works Festival
was a roaring success!

Nashville Rep was honored to premiere five powerful, brand new plays developed right here in Nashville. Our 2018-2019 Ingram New Works Playwrights worked all year to each create a bold new play for the American stage, and their premiere staged readings at the 2019 Ingram New Works Festival were all fantastically well-received. Plays from the Ingram New Works Festival have gone on to win awards and be produced on Broadway and across the country. We cannot wait to see where these works go in the next phases of their development.

Becky Nurse of Salem.png


by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by René D. Copeland

The great-great-great granddaughter of Rebecca Nurse, a slightly deaf witch hanged in 1692 on Gallow's Hill - which is now a Dunkin' Donuts - struggles with her legacy in this remarkable new play by 2019 Ingram New Works Fellow Sarah Ruhl.

The Second Avenue Subway.jpg


by Dean Poynor
Directed by Beki Baker

A father tries to teach his son about life and faith as they ride the New York City Subway together over many years - but as the son grows up, they are forced to reckon with the values they once took for granted. Ride along with them and experience their timeless journey to pass on the good and jettison the bad for the next generation.

Crying on Television.jpg


by R. Eric Thomas
Directed by Jack Tamburri

Four strangers; one apartment building; unlimited channels. On the fourth floor, a former reality show contestant tries to start over; on the eighth floor a Miranda Hobbes type waits for transformation; in the lobby an amateur detective solves a mystery. And then there’s Mackenzie, who says she’s just here to watch.

Welcome to the Taj Palace (motel).jpg


by Riti Sachdeva
Directed by Shayok Misha Chowdhury

On the edge of a highway on the edge of a city, Rajiv runs the Taj Palace (motel). Sita’s got business there. Nina wants to shut it down. Bhagath Singh Thind’s been waiting there for decades. And Jon Wane just might have the key.

The Messengers.PNG


by Lindsay Joelle
Directed by Adam Immerwahr

A soldier and a translator blast off on a dangerous mission. A messenger and a refugee strike a deal on an alien planet. A mysterious plague and a love letter gone rogue. A dark comedy about the messages we carry in our bones.


Previous Ingram New Works Playwrights & Plays

Sarah Ruhl - Becky Nurse of Salem

Lindsay Joelle - The Messengers

Dean Poynor - The Second Avenue Subway

Riti Sachdeva - Welcome to the Taj Palace (motel)

R. Eric Thomas - Crying on Television

Nate Eppler - This Red Planet

James Anthony Tyler - Pranayama

Christina Florencia Castro - The Very Last Wishes of Grandpa Joe

Tori Keenan-Zelt - How the Baby Died

Christopher Durang - Harriet and Other Horrible People

Nate Eppler - Primary User

Gabrielle Reisman - Pattern Seeking Animals

Stacy Osei-Kuffour - Big Nose

Andrew Rosendorf - Mermaid

Rebecca Gilman - Rocket Science

Jonathan Alexandratos - We See What Happen

Kyle John Schmidt - The Secretary

Edith Freni - This is About You

Helen Banner - Thrill Day

Donald Margulies - Long Lost

Nate Eppler - The Ice Treatment

Tori Keenan-Zelt - Air Space

Gabrielle Sinclair - Showing

Bianca Sams - Simply Bless

Doug Wright - Posterity

Nate Eppler - Good Monsters

Jeremy Sony - Pathogenesis

Andrew Kramer - Cut It Out

Dean Poynor - Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life

Theresa Rebeck - Fever

Nate Eppler - The Future Mrs.

Garret Schneider - Ultrasound

Brian Walker - The Friend Factory

Jennifer Blackmer - Unraveled

Steven Dietz - Rancho Mirage

Nate Eppler - Larries

Kenley Smith - Empires of Eternal Void

Andrew Kramer - Crying for Lions

Michael Erickson - Honor Student

John Patrick Shanley - Storefront Church

Nate Eppler - City of the Dead

Heidi Ervin - The Hobo and The Housecat

Lisa Soland - Hand on the Plough

Joe Giordano - She’s Dead

Christine Mather - Horns of Elfland

Mary McCallum - Hunger in Paradise

Shawn Knight - Henson

David Auburn - The Columnist

Valerie Hart - Love Out Loud

McAdoo Greer - Titty Bars

Nate Eppler - Long Way Down

Dianie Di Ianni - Table

Matthew Carlton - Blessed Event

Ross Brooks - Supernova

Claudia Barnett - No 231 DeGraw Street


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“New work is the life force of every art form.”
- Martha Ingram