The Writing Room is a season-long new play developmental program designed to support and amplify the diverse and vibrant voices of Nashville. Part of Nashville Repertory Theatre’s Ingram New Works Project, the Writing Room is designed to expand the creative capacity of Nashville by providing practical and personalized resources for new play development exclusively to Middle Tennessee-based playwrights.

Comprised of artists living in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, the Writing Room offers support and guidance tailored specifically to the needs of local voices. Selected through an open application process, The Writing Room is a collection of playwrights at all stages of their careers. Under experienced leadership and support from the Ingram New Works Project and Actors Bridge Ensemble, participating writers will work together to create new plays that will contribute to Nashville's growing position as a thriving center for dynamic, new American theatre.

Writing Room Staged Readings are presented AT the Actors Bridge Ensemble Studio at
Darkhorse Chapel, June 26 - July 1 at 7PM.

Becky Wahlstrom.JPG

Monday, June 26 - A FROGGIE BECOMES by Becky Wahlstrom

A FROGGIE BECOMES is a sensorial journey through puberty. Our guide, Bumpy Diggs, an all-confessing awkward tomboy warrior battles her way through love, sex, and courtship in a 1980’s middle American seventh grade kind of hell.

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Tuesday, June 27 -  A SPECIAL DAY by C. Kay 'Andy' Landis

Everything is Penny O’Malley’s life is dramatic; her Italian mother, her half Italian/half Irish sisters, even the Philadelphia suburb where they all live within steps of one other -- everything in Penny's life is charged with energy. After all, they are Irish Italians. But there is one secret Penny doesn't want to share. She knows they'll never believe her. She fears they might even blame her. However, on her big sister Dana's wedding day, her younger sister Rita forces her hand driving Penny to risk telling a family secret that not only disrupts her sister’s wedding but threatens to destroy the tight-knit family she loves.


Wednesday, June 28 - SURVIVED BY by Evelyn O'Neal Brush

Madeline Hall's mind tries to make sense of unbearable tragedy as she navigates the aftermath of someone else's terrible choices. Her worldview upturned, she must face the dark new reality that clashes with the life she thought she had.

Friday, June 30 - UNTITLED by Alicia Haymer

This is a story about three 11 year olds who hatch a plan to keep their friend from moving away. When they go missing, after a visit to the neighborhood witch, we learn the secrets of their family, and how they deal with loss and forgiveness.

kenley smith.jpg

Saturday, July 1 - RATS LOVE THE TASTE by Kenley Smith

West Virginia always gets the short end of the stick, Big E says.  He’s not feeling so great himself — his neighbor’s a jerk, his son gets into fights, his daughter dates a Yankee, and those disability checks aren't such a sure thing these days.  And when the cops show up, Big E starts to realize that in the gunfight of life, he’s holding a goddamn pocket knife.