Monday, December 11 7:00-10:00 pm

Studio A at Nashville Public Television StATION 

The Ingram New Works Project provides dozens of opportunities each month for actors in Nashville and the NEW WORKS FOR ACTORS workshop is your chance to connect with our program.

Facilitated by Ingram New Works Project Director Nate Eppler, this workshop will provide you with the tools to succeed ‘in the room’ at the Ingram New Works Project, a chance to network with other actors interested in new plays, and the opportunity to discover the plays and playwrights the Ingram New Works Project is developing this year. 

This free class will cover how to prepare for reading a new play in development and how an actor can best serve a play in its earliest stages. This one-night workshop will also introduce actors to basic script analysis and strategies for giving feedback and responding to new plays in the room – including an opportunity to respond to a new short play by Nate Eppler.

Beyond being an introduction to what's expected of actors participating in the Ingram New Works Project, it's a chance to get to know the Nashville Rep staff members that cast each month's new plays and to network with other Nashville actors interested in new works for the stage.

Successful completion of this class is not a requirement for participation in the Ingram New Works Project, but is the best way to get to know the program.

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