Look-In Sign Up

The Nashville Repertory Theatre’s 2017-2018 season has officially arrived! Our staff is eager to once again collaborate with our incredible volunteers on the pre-show LookIns. This season, we aim to emphasize and amplify the elegance of these events.

With this goal in mind, please review these NEW volunteering guidelines:

  •  Type of Food -  When volunteering to provide food for the LookIns, our goal is to provide handheld options. This will limit our need for unwieldy utensils and plates.
  • Quality of Food – What we present on the table is a direct reflection to our patrons of how much they mean to us. Therefore, the more thought and love that goes into a dish, the better! For this reason, please avoid store-bought goods as much as possible. Feel free to discuss options with us, as we are open and can work with you on your dishes.
  • Presentation of Food – On a related note, we want to be conscious of how the food appears on the table. Silver platters or the like help set a more refined tone than plastic. Additionally, make sure to label any serving trays or utensils with masking tape so they are returned to the correct volunteer.
  • Quantity of Food – Our LookIns are very popular events! We expect a minimum of 90 guests at each event and often host many more than that. Therefore, please ensure that your dish serves at least 30. Thank you for understanding that we want to avoid our guests with the sight of an empty, picked-over table.
    • If you are providing wine, three or four bottles is appropriate.
  • Volunteer Sign Up – To avoid confusion and make these events as satisfying as possible, we are introducing a sign-up sheet that will be emailed to interested volunteers. It will list specific dish options in fitting with each LookIn’s theme from which volunteers can choose and sign up. You are also welcome to suggest a dish as well, but please understand that we must know the details of all dishes in advance. This will allow us to confirm in advance that everyone will enjoy plentiful food and an well-organized experience.

Thank you for your dedicated service on behalf of the Nashville Rep. Together, we can ensure the LookIns are remembered as fun and sophisticated affairs as well as informative and educational.

To thank you for your hard work for preparing your wonderful dish, we will gladly provide you with two tickets to the show, or we will donate the tickets on your behalf. Thank you!

Sense and Sensibility Lookin
August 29, 2017 at 6:00pm