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Oz and Mia built a chatbot, and they used Oz's social media posts and emails and texts as a basis for the personality of this digital assistant. When Oz suddenly dies, Mia is unexpectedly left with a digital monument. But she isn’t the only one grieving the loss - Oz’s new fiancé Liz had no idea this is what Oz and Mia were working on. When Mia offers a copy to Liz, the women do not agree on who can claim ownership of the technology or the grief. By NATE EPPLER
(Adult Content, Adult Language)



Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing. A plot of land the size of a football field is swallowed every hour by rising water. As the ocean creeps up on the town of Jean Lafitte, scientists and state administrators bargain over its future, and a theatre troupe arrives to tell the town's story. When a storm threatens everyone's plans, the citizens of Jean Lafitte- from the mayor to a pair young Piggly Wiggly employees try to make some sense of what comes next. By GABRIELLE REISMAN
(Adult Language)


When Everett, 9-years-old, tells his parents he’s a girl, it rocks the entire family and sends them smashing into an altercation with their own beliefs - no matter how liberal they think they are. Mermaid explores our ever-evolving understanding of the spectrum of gender and sexuality, of masculinity and femininity, and where we presently are with it in society - especially when looking at the gap between generations. By ANDREW ROSENDORF
(Adult Content, Adult Language, Frank Discussions of Sex and Sexuality)



Regina hates her nose. She believes she was cursed by her father when she ran away from Africa to live in the United States and that her nose is growing larger and larger and slowly taking over her face. Due to her fears, Regina is increasingly paranoid and has become a shut-in. She starts working for a bizarre phone sex line and saving up for an operation to "fix" her nose. When her sister arrives at her doorstep with news about their father and a strange new husband in tow, Regina's world starts to break open. By STACY OSEI-KUFFOUR
(Adult Content, Graphic Language, Strong Sexual Content, Violence)


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