The Ingram New Works Lab is an artistic home for emerging playwrights and a fertile environment for the creation of great new plays. Lab Playwrights share and develop new work, hone craft, receive support, and springboard themselves into the next phase of their writing career.

Many theaters offer lip service to the fostering of new work, but Nashville Rep makes it a core mission through this program. In a climate that forces many young writers to seek a safe harbor in film and television, the Ingram New Works Project makes an enduring case for the viability of theater and the nurturing of new voices. The Project makes an invaluable contribution to our forever-imperiled national literature.
— Doug Wright | Fellow 2013-2014

Why Nashville Rep? I learned long ago that not every opportunity is guaranteed and that not every opportunity is worth taking, so I do my homework before applying to anything. The why in “Why Nashville Rep” has more to do with the fact that they wanted to start with an idea, not a play. Since most development opportunities come in the form of ‘send us a play, we’ll help you improve it,’ I was fascinated in Nashville Rep’s approach; to work with the writers on an idea and bring it to life.
— Jeremy Sony | Playwright 2013-2014

While the idea for this play had been percolating for a couple of years, I had no idea how I was going to approach it until I got the call from Rene D. Copeland telling me I’d been accepted into the Ingram New Works Program. After I finished jumping up and down and high-fiving everyone around me, it struck me that I had to actually write the damn thing. When the lab met for the first time in September I had kind of a rough outline, and then when we met in October I had twenty pages, twenty of which are no longer in the play. It’s been roller coaster ride ever since. Now it’s May, and I’ve completed seven full rewrites. I’ve gotten more accomplished as a playwright in this last six months with Nashville Rep than I ever have before. Period.
— JENNIFER BLACKMER | Playwright 2012-2013

It’s a credit to Nashville Rep that they are onto something that is an enormous missed opportunity throughout the majority of the rest of the American Theatre. There may be no general shortage of play development, but to have Theresa Rebeck and David Auburn taking time to work with playwrights at a regional theater … well, it’s huge that it happens in Nashville.
— STEVEN DIETZ | Fellow 2011-2012

I’ve learned the following things about myself as an artist: I crave a dynamic safe-zone that allows an attempt. A success. A failure. I crave a talented knowledgeable support staff of theatre artists to collaborate with. I crave a supportive creative space that allows me to generate new material into effective theatrical drama. This type of new play initiative is difficult to find and nowhere does it work as successfully as at Nashville Repertory Theatre’s Ingram New Works Lab. The Ingram New Works Lab is truly unique.
— ANDREW KRAMER | Playwright 11-12 & 13-14