2011-2012 Ingram New Works Project

Nate Eppler


Do you know who your husband is? 
Wanda sends her husband Larry an ultimatum by email; she wants to have another baby or she wants a divorce. Larry doesn’t respond to the email and when Wanda gets home to find out why, she discovers more than one Larry. And then another Larry shows up. And then another. The multiverse is cracking like a windshield, and there are Larries everywhere. Which Larry is her Larry? And if she finds him, does she still want him?

Kenely Smith

Empires of Eternal Void

Locked in a transparent cell with a seemingly delusional young soldier, a military chaplain attempts to learn the truth about a violent, shocking crime. But as the session unfolds, punctuated by threats and even torture, the chaplain's sense of purpose and reality begins to shift. Are the prisoner's conversations with God the ravings of a disturbed soul, or the revelations of an enlightened one? Is the crime an act of brutality, or of grace? Who really runs the operation, and is there a method to the madness?

Andrew Kramer

Crying for Lions

Extinction. Listen to the word and how it slips out of the mouth. A cock back of the tongue, a knock of the teeth, a hard slide... 
Rae and Shane are a young couple preparing for the birth of their first child. When an important man from Shane's past shows up at their house, their surfacing fears and apprehensions spiral out of control while a large stalking Mountain Lion won't leave them alone. Crying for Lions asks questions about what it means to be a parent and a child in a complex and brutal world filled with animals who act like people and people who act like animals.

Michael Erickson

Honor Student

A student in a college creative writing class writes a story about a student, much like himself, who brings a gun to class and begins shooting his classmates and instructor, much like the actual people in the class. Fearful that the story is a blueprint for a real shooting, the instructor alerts university officials and tries to have the student removed from her class. But the student fights back. He argues she is trying to censor his freedom of speech, and that she is biased against him. The instructor is soon on the defensive. Her career and her reputation are on the line. Has she overreacted? Or is there something deeper, more dangerous lurking here?

Steven Dietz | Ingram New Works Fellow

Rancho Mirage

Rancho Mirage is a bitingly funny black comedy about what happens when the fictions that hold our lives together are exposed. In 2012 America -- where affluence is perhaps our greatest mirage — three couples, long-time friends, find themselves at a dinner party where everyone finally decides to tell the truth. What's left when youth, dreams and the last bottle of wine is gone?


A Midwinter Night's Celebration