We Love Nashville


My guy Matt and I were in our Chicago apartment on a dreary day last April, contemplating a move. After four years of a long-distance relationship, we were finally together, ready to put down roots and find a place to call our own. Nashville quickly became our top choice as Matt had an opportunity to reunite with his music and writing partner and I had the chance to work for Nashville Repertory Theatre. I couldn’t believe my crazy good luck when I landed a job in my field - let alone at a professional theatre. I’m gaga for great live theatre and new plays and sensed, after talking with René D. Copeland about the art and dreams of The Rep, that I had found a company that I could call home.

So we jumped towards our new life in Nashville. In September, we packed our bags and headed to the new digs we found on Craigslist, the refrain of “Beware of internet scams” ringing in our heads. This was soon replaced by the theme song from “Green Acres” as this city gal found herself pulling down a country lane and laughing aloud when she realized her future was living with horses in a barn cottage south of the city.

Cynthia Frahm, Development Director of Nashville Rep

I love Nashville because of its welcoming spirit. People have been so darned nice to us. Perhaps it’s because my heart is open to this new phase in my life, but I’ve met such great people who have included me, introduced me and invited me into their lives.

I’m in love with music, so I embraced Nashville’s reputation as Music City. But I learned right away that Nashville is so much more. The arts are alive and the theatre scene here is growing like mad. I’ve recently met three artists who are starting new theatre companies. It’s “on” here. And I can’t wait. Let’s make new plays. Let’s get people talking about burning issues. Let’s laugh and cry together. Let’s watch great dancing and singing. Let’s help artists grow.

I love Nashville because it’s a city in transition and is becoming more diverse and eclectic. I love Nashville because it’s a city on the rise with all the challenges we get to face together.

I love Nashville because we’ve got the Ballet, the Symphony, the Opera and the Frist. I love Nashville for our Shakespeare, Nashville Film Festival and our Children’s Theatre. I love our community of non-profits in service to our neighbors.

I love our State Museum and our Capital on the hill. I love our BBQ and Farmer’s Market, our still-great thrift stores and the monthly Antique Flea Market.


And I love Nashville for Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, the big purple honky tonk right behind the Ryman, where the country stars would take a belt and visit between shows. Talk about good drama.

I love it all. You stole my heart Nashville. Well played.

Today, on The Big Payback, a day devoted to giving back to Nashville, I love that this city is so generous and supportive of the arts and all non-profits. Learn more about The Big Payback and how you can support Nashville’s own professional theatre company at http://nashvillerep.org/big-payback