The Rotten Core | Marketing Director's Point of View

Britanie Knapp | Professional Marketing Intern

Super villains, alternate-universe-late-1940s-New York, secret super villain organization, forbidden love, MURDER -- what's not to love about The Rotten Core by Jon Bumpus?

When we (the professional interns) were reading plays to choose for our end-of-the-season showcase production, The Rotten Core stuck out to us because we felt it would best show off our talents and all that we've learned over the season at Nashville Repertory Theatre! (Also, because it's really good.) There is definitely something fun for every department to work on. Directing (Liz) gets a great script to work with and a noir/comic book directing style, Costumes (Amber) gets SUPER VILLAINS to design for, Scenic Design (Ashley) gets a super villain lair, an Italian Seafood Bistro, and a suave condo to design and craft, and Marketing (me) gets all of the above to work with! And one of the bonuses of working on this show is that half of us are total comic book nerds (Amberand me)! We be nerdin' out all the time over this new play and all the comic book references we put into it!

Being the Marketing Director for our intern showcase production is exciting! I put everything I learned from our Marketing Director, Pat Patrick, and our New Media/Marketing Coordinator, Shane Burkeen, over the season into my marketing plan. I have had the best non-profit performing arts mentors in the Nashville theatre community to learn from! One of the first things (after creating the marketing plan) the marketing department does is creates a poster for the upcoming play. I loved brainstorming ideas for The Rotten Core. There were so many directions to take it, but I eventually became obsessed with logos... EVERY super villain and hero has their own logo, so I wanted to make The Rotten Core, the secret super villain society of alternate-universe 1940s New York, a logo and incorporate it into the poster. Did we mention that we're doing the show with a Dieselpunk twist? Dieselpunk is kinda like Steampunk, but it's grungier and less proper. They definitely do not have tea parties! Read more about Dieselpunk and discover how cool it is here.

I won't give away any plot points, because theatre marketing is all about hooking the audience into coming to the theater, but I will tease you a bit! Here's the poster for The Rotten Core.


As you can see, we've got a grungy cement background with what appears to be a belt with an evil-implying logo on it... and 1940s Film Noir/Dieselpunk-inspired typeface, oh, and lots of blood! While the play is definitely a dark, twisted, comedy, we really felt like we needed to show through the marketing that this is no 1960s Batman - Adam West - Pow! Ouch! Bang! - kind of comedy, but it does have its moments of mystery and ridiculous. Check out the gif I made inspired by the poster on our webpage too!

In case you haven't visited our webpage to read the show synopsis yet, you can visit, read, and make reservations to see the show here (Rated High School and Above; no children). If you like dressing up and have a favorite super villain/hero, attend our April 28th performance at 1:30pm! We are inviting the audience to dress up as their favorite villain or hero to add to the ambiance of the play!

We hope you will join us and consider donating to Nashville Rep's Professional Internship Program! Support next year's professional interns in their endeavors with breaking into the Nashville Professional Theatre Community!