The Rotten Core | Director's Point of View


Jon Bumpus and Liz Fletcher

Director's Chair | Liz Fletcher | Professional Stage Management Intern

The Rotten Core has a special place in my heart because I have seen it grow from its very first drafts. The playwright, Jon Bumpus, and I were close friends in our playwriting class at MTSU, which is where he birthed this marvelous idea. From the very first readings, to its state now, I have seen all the changes and growth of the characters and story line. When we, the interns, were given the idea to produce a brand new show, The Rotten Core popped into my head because it was always one that I would have loved to work on. I was thrilled when we actually chose the show, and I couldn't wait to dive right in. The storyline is devilishly delicious, and the characters are so comically twisted that it will be a very fun show to work on, especially with the talent that we selected. The cast includes; Nate Gracia, Ricardo Beaird, Stefani Paige Elrod, Andy Riggs, Steve Parnell, and Lee Daniel. I know that having the honor to direct such a wonderful piece will allow me to discover new strengths and weakness and allow me to grow throughout the process. Even though my main focus is stage management, I’m still excited to the core to direct such a magnificent work of art, and I hope you all will enjoy it!

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