Nashville Repertory Theatre Workshops


Tennessee Repertory Theatre WorkshopsOne of the things that I love most about Nashville Repertory Theatre is the opportunities that it provides for Nashville's creative communities. Our unique calendar of workshops is so exciting, and seeing the actors and designers that frequently work with us share their knowledge and talent with others is so rewarding!

We recently held a workshop led by local actor, playwright, and all-around theatre genius, Nate Eppler (who is one of our Associate Artists, the leader of the Ingram New Works Festival, and recently appeared on our stage in Clybourne Park). The workshop was called "The Perfect Monologue," and goodness, how perfect it was! Nate gave all of the participants the proper tools not only to nail an audition, but to come up with ideas for writing monologues specially tailored to their strengths.

During the span of the class we wrote some together that I would kill to perform at any audition, such as a husband trying to get his wife to take the zombie apocalypse (or the zombocalypse) seriously and a coffin salesman who wants you to experience your coffin while you're still alive. I went home so creatively charged that I ran to my laptop and had to start writing (I won't tell you what I wrote, but I will tell you that it has something to do with the Amish)! Now I have the tools to create my own work and I'm loving it!

We'll be offering more workshops like this in the spring. Come play with us and get your creative juices flowing! Whether you are looking for a new hobby or are a seasoned actor, all are welcome! More information about our workshops can be found HERE.

Amanda Card Associate Artist in Education Nashville Repertory Theatre Professional Nashville Theatre