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Juggling Props and Actors | Liz Fletcher | The Rotten Core

When you're sitting in the audience at a play, you'll see actors using suitcases, letters, bottles, guns, books, etc. These items are known as props. There is a properties master who makes or purchases these items for every show. For our show, The Rotten Core, it is one of my jobs to act as the props master, so I have begun by creating the weapons used in the 2012-2013 Nashville Rep Professional Intern Production!

There is a big trend with modifying Nerf guns to the Steampunk, Cyberpunk and Dieselpunk persuasions. Since our theme for this show is Dieselpunk, it worked out pretty perfectly that this was a big thing right now, giving us the chance to produce pieces that were identifiable. There are many tutorials online, which admittedly, I had to look through to figure out the technicalities to pull it off correctly.

First you have to take the gun apart, shown in the picture below.

Nerf Gun Before Turned Dieselpunk

There are many parts so I had to put everything in a cup so I wouldn't lose anything.

Second, you have to dremel or sand down the logos and cautions on the gun. In the image, the top piece hasn't been touched the the bottom half has been sanded down and such.

Nurf Gun Makeover Process

After this is completed, you must wash the parts, and rub them down with rubbing alcohol in order to get any oils or dust off of them which will allow the paint to stick better.

After all this is finished, you can begin the fun part and let the creative juices flow. I learned a painting technique online, where you spray paint the first coat, and then directly after, you paint with another color allowing both wet colors to blend into each other. I did this with navy blue and silver and loved the outcome. In the picture, you will see it hanging from a chain and I did this so the paint could drip as it dries. Having it upside down allowed for a happy accident and the paint dried in a really cool gritty pattern which is was I was going for.

Nerf Gun Turned Dieselpunk

I have three more guns to do and I'm excited to become better and more experienced a long the way.

Other props in the show will include pin up girls, wine bottle labels and different posters. The props in the show really excite me because I look forward to audiences discovering more and more within the set as the show progresses. There will be a lot of cool different items that you'll have to come and check out!

The Rotten Core Synopsis   A beautiful, yet mysterious young woman shakes New York City’s most notorious group of super villains to the very core when she captures the affections of their leader, Alden, the modern day Adonis. Alden's super villain buddies will stop at nothing to get their buddy back, even if it means killing her. The Rotten Core, a gritty comedy noir, takes you back to a time when New York only answered to the man with the biggest gun. Will The Rotten Core, a band of three super villains--whose names are known through every crevice of their twisted world, let her ruin their rein over New York? Come find out April 28th and 29th, 2013.

Rated R for vulgar language and sexual implications Make reservations to get your fix of super villains today here and support our Nashville Rep Professional Intern Production

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