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Nashville Rep's Cabaret lights up Nashville’s TPAC | Judith Yates, Nashville Examiner

Tennessee Rep's Cabaret The Emcee David Compton

Welcome to the Kit Kat Club! You are in 1930’s Berlin where, says one character, “Don’t worry! You can be yourself!” It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s provocative, and it’s dangerous … for outside of the Kit Kat Klub, politics are about to stop the show. Or can it go on?

Now welcome to Tennessee Performing Arts Center, where the Nashville Repertory Theatre presents Cabaret from February 16 through March 16, 2013. It’s sexy, it’s funny, it’s provocative, and it’s sobering, for the cast is amazing and the live band even better. The story takes place in and around the Kit Kat Klub, with a group of characters all somehow connected by the glitz and song.

The audience becomes part of the show in this production, from participating in dancing and applause to sitting at tables straight out of a 1930’s bar that is a little bit Moulin Rouge, a little bit juke joint. The naughty but harmless Emcee is your leader, sometimes telling the story by actions only. You will see it all - there is not a bad seat in the Johnson Theatre.

Tennessee Rep's Cabaret Sally Bowles Jenny Littleton

All of the performers are talented and give their roles what is deserved, but special mention must be given to Jenny Littleton as Sally Bowles. She has one of those singing voices that can elicit tiny hairs standing up in various places. If you do not have a lump in your throat when she belts out the title song, check your pulse. David Compton plays the Emcee; an established talent who can make you giggle in one scene and take a disturbed breath in the next. The KitKat ladies and gentlemen are having so much fun dancing you will want to throw away your day job and join them onstage. When you leave the theatre (after applauding until your palms ache), you will be humming, “Zee Cab-a-ret, Zee Cab-a-ret…”

Nashville Rep Producing Artistic Director René D. Copeland does justice to this multiple Tony Award-winning musical. Nashville should consider itself lucky to have her in the performing arts world of Music City. She does us proud with Cabaret.

Read more of Judith Yates theatre review of Cabaret here. Like Ms. Yates says, don't miss this nashville theatre opportunity because the Kit Kat Klub will be gone before you know it! Buy tickets for Nashville Rep's production of Cabaret today!

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