5 Reasons to See Nate Eppler's THE FUTURE MRS


5 Reasons to See Nate Eppler's THE FUTURE MRS. We kick off our 2012-2013 Ingram New Works Festival we Nate Eppler's The Future Mrs. If you haven't had a chance to see a Nate Eppler play here is 5 reasons why you should see The Future Mrs.

  1. You don’t believe Nate Eppler really wrote a Victorian love story.
  2. Nate cites the following among the influences for this play: Alice in Wonderland, Back to the Future, Sense and Sensibility, and The Mysteries of Verbena House or, Miss Bellasis is Birched for Thieving.
  3. As always with Nate’s plays, it’s a rollercoaster and he’s going to make sure you see at least one thing you’ve never seen on stage before.
  4. You have a theatrical (or otherwise) crush on everyone in the cast. (And they’re even better in this play than you think they’re going to be.)
  5. It’s like if Tarantino wrote a Victorian drawing room comedy but nobody says mother####er and there’s time travel.

Ingram New Works Playwright Nate Eppler's THE FUTURE MRS.

The Future Mrs. Synopsis: After being married for only three weeks, a young Victorian woman finds that her marriage is nothing like she thought it would be. She wants a love affair like she’s read about in novels, but her new husband can’t seem to let go of the past. She travels to the future to find the kind of love story she thought she wanted, but the future isn’t at all what she expected.

The staged readings for Nate Eppler's The Future Mrs. are May 8 & 13, 2013 at Nashville Rep's Rehearsal Hall (Studio A at NPT). If you are unable to attend we are also livestreaming Nate's play on May 13. Watching the livestream is simple! We will have the live feed on the homepage of our website at 7 PM for your viewing pleasure. Please click here if you'd like to make reservations for the Ingram New Works Festival.