5 Reasons to See Garret Schneider's ULTRASOUND


5 Reasons to see Garret Schneider's ULTRASOUND Garret Schneider's Ultrasound staged reading premieres tonight (May 9) at our Ingram New Works Festival. Here are 5 reasons we think you should come see Ultrasound.

  1. You want to be able to say: "Oh, you're just NOW getting into Garret Schneider’s work? I saw him when he was an Ingram New Works Fellow", in five years.
  2. Your mind has NEVER been blown by your sixteen year old daughter from the future.
  3. The play overwhelmingly passes the Bechdel Test. Hint: Google it.
  4. You’ve ever been anxious about the thought of raising a child. (Or are currently anxious about the one you’re raising now.)
  5. You want to see three amazing Nashville actresses kick all manner of theatrical ass.

Garret Schneider's Ultrasound Ingram New Works Festival

Ultrasound Synopsis: Can you plan a relationship? Jolene and Maddy plan to have a baby. Once all of their planning works, Jolene gets cold feet about it. It is only the arrival of their future daughter that helps Jolene realize what it takes to be a good parent.

New theatre is alive and well here in Nashville! Join in on the fun, come see Garret Schneider's Ultrasound tonight (May 9) or May 12 (click here for reservations). If you can't come to the festival we have you covered. We are streaming Garret's play May 12 at 7 PM on our homepage.