5 Reasons to See Brian D. Walker's THE FRIEND FACTORY


5 Reasons to See Brian D. Walker's The Friend Factory Ingram New Works Playwright Brian D. Walker's The Friend Factory staged reading premieres tonight (May 10) at our Ingram New Works Festival. Here are 5 reasons we think you should come see The Friend Factory.

  1. Don’t you want to see comedy on Friday night? This play will make you laugh.  A lot. * *- The Friend Factory does not guarantee “A lot” of “Laughter” for “You.” We don’t know “You.” Maybe your tickle-box is broken. But we certainly think the play’s funny.
  2. It will make you look at jell-o molds in a completely different way* *- The Friend Factory represents and warrants that it cannot possibly claim to be familiar with, comprehend or appreciate exactly how you look at, catalogue, correlate, or codify jell-o-molds.
  3. Patrick Waller performs shirtless. * *- 100% Guaranteed.
  4. It is possible you will get turned on. * *- Also 100% guaranteed. It is further 100% guaranteed that you possibly won’t get turned on. Additionally  we 100% guarantee the possibility that this is all a dream, 100% guarantee the possibility that it is not and 100% guarantee the possibility that somewhere someone else is reading a much more exciting list than this. Like Five Reasons You Should Never Fight a Fire-Leopard or Five Reasons These Ten Models Want To Have Sex With You.
  5. After seeing it the likelihood of you being a better friend automatically increases by 33%* *- Results may vary. The material in this play is not guaranteed to cause subsequent improvement of friendships or likelihood thereof. But it can’t hurt, can it? Besides: See #3.

Brian D Walker's The Friend Factory

The Friend Factory Synopsis: Jonas and Amy are best friends who’ve hit a rough patch. Jonas wants a boyfriend and Amy wants to make out with Jonas whenever they’ve had a few drinks. Jonas kicks Amy out of his life for a while and goes to a matching service called The Friend Factory. It connects people in their dreams while the client is asleep. Jonas meets the man of his dreams, but it’s all just a little too perfect. Amy struggles to fix their friendship at all costs. Everything gets really crazy really fast and the lines between dreaming and waking life blur as the lines between friend and enemy become clear as day.

New theatre is alive and well here in Nashville! Join in on the fun, come see Brian D. Walker's The Friend Factory tonight (May 10) or May 14 (click here for reservations). If you can’t come to the festival we have you covered. We are also streaming The Friend Factory May 14 at 7 PM on our homepage.