Nashville Parent Review: Noises Off

 Pictured Steve Kraski and Jenny Littleton. Photo by Michael Scott Evans Photographe

Pictured Steve Kraski and Jenny Littleton. Photo by Michael Scott Evans Photographe

Nashville Rep ranks high on the funny factor with Michael Frayn's brilliant theatrical farce!

by Chad Young

One of the funniest theatrical shows to hit the stage comes courtesy of playwright Michael Frayn with his comedy, Noises Off. It’s a hysterical play within a play, and Nashville Rep’s impeccable production is an undeniably fun experience. The show is a standout success for Nashville Rep, proving to be one of the company’s best in its history.

Frayn’s play pokes fun at the sex farces that were longtime staples in British theater, and does so with equal parts affection and mockery with Nothing On, the play that’s within the play. This three-act comedy gives the audience distinctly different experiences of Act One of Nothing On. The first is a peek into the final dress rehearsal of the play which nicely sets up the impending catastrophe. It’s quite evident when part of the unprepared cast think it’s the first technical rehearsal, and others have trouble remembering what props they’re supposed to be using — and there’s this whole silly sardine scenario that runs rampant throughout the show!

Act Two of Noises Off takes the audience backstage during Act One of Nothing On — about a month into the regional tour. At this juncture, an assortment of romantic entanglements among cast members and the director (who’s been messing around with one of the actresses as well as the assistant stage manager) results in the players sabotaging each other in the midst of a matinee performance.

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