Liz Fletcher | Professional Stage Management Intern


Keep Calm and Stage ManageA few words from... Liz Fletcher, Professional Stage Management Intern 2012 - 2013

Theatre has always been a very mysterious interest for me. I have always loved the “behind the scene” specials, but was too nervous to act. When I learned about stage management in college, that’s when my interest turned into the passion for theatre I have today. I learned that there was a whole other world than what people see on stage. The magic has to come from somewhere, and that’s where my job comes into play. Being backstage allowed me to be in charge of what happens behind the scenes. Growing up in a military household, it was never expected for me to be interested in the arts; however, stage management created an outlet for my leadership skills to flourish rather than to join the Army or some other branch. My parents have always been encouraging and proud of me and my job. I thoroughly enjoy the leadership, and the nurturing nature that comes with being a stage manager. I feel like the “momma bear” backstage that gets to take care of all the actors and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It’s a thrill and enjoyment of mine to have all the pressure on me. I’m very thankful for my opportunity to work with such wonderful people here at Nashville Repertory Theatre. I have already learned and grown so much, and I can’t wait to learn even more.

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