Jonathan Alexandratos | Why Write This New Play?


The Ingram New Works Festival is here! Time to celebrate #newplay creation here in Nashville. The Festival isn’t just an opportunity to see great new plays first in Nashville before the rest of the country; it’s an opportunity for you to get to know the artists behind the plays. We sat down with 2015-2016 Ingram Playwright Jonathan Alexandratos and asked him why he wrote this story.

Jonathan: I wrote We See What Happen, initially, because I wanted to build a bridge between me and my grandmother.  I felt, when I started, that we lived in two separate worlds, and if I could just extend the link from my world using my language, and hers using her language, we could meet in the middle.  My language is pop culture: action figures, superheroes, comics.  So I spoke through action figures.  Her language is Greek, and the Greek culture.  I don’t really speak Greek, as my grandmother reminds me often, but I felt I could probably build my grandmother’s side of the bridge in my play by using what I did know, in addition to material from conversations with her.  I started writing that play, and what began was a year-long process in which I discovered we didn’t need a bridge, that we were always standing not only on the same piece of land, but that we were always standing there as the same person.  Therefore, what emerged was a climax that was about intertwining, and showing that the family members you love are a part of you as you both immigrate through the trials and successes of life.

We See What Happen | May 5 & 12

We See What Happen was a solo play about Jonathan Alexandratos’ grandmother’s immigration to the U.S. It was a heartwarming story about a woman who follows her husband to the Great Shore of Freedom in search of a better life and absolutely finds it as soon as she steps foot on American soil. It was about how there weren’t any problems and Jonathan’s grandfather always treated his grandmother with respect and everything was totally great and the whole family lived happily together forever, the end. That was what the play was about. But Jonathan’s grandmother is here now, and she’s ready to tell us the real story. Wielding enough Greek food for everybody and Jonathan’s old action figures, Granny is ready to show Jonathan what really happened. This immersive story invites the audience to immigrate through time, space, and culture to set the record straight about what is actually at the heart of this family.

*This play contains adult themes and language.

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