Ingram New Works Lab Week


Ingram New Works Playwrights and Ingram New Works Fellow The Ingram New Works Lab week rocked Nashville, TN. Traveling from all over the United States, the Ingram New Works Playwrights and Ingram New Works Fellow Theresa Rebeck, met at Nashville Repertory Theatre for a week full of new theatre.

The Ingram New Works Lab week started with the playwrights presenting their plays to Theresa Rebeck and the staff of Nashville Rep with the help of local (Nashville) actors reading the plays aloud. A discussion and notes followed the readings to help fuel revisions of the playwrights works.

On Tuesday, Nashville Rep's Board of Directors threw a party to welcome and meet Theresa Rebeck. That night Theresa Rebeck shared with us that "...programs like Nashville Rep's Ingram New Works Project are where the most exciting work in theatre is happening!"

Wednesday was full of revisions for our playwrights as they prepared another read through of their plays later in the week. That night we introduced Nashville to Theresa Rebeck at "An Evening With Theresa Rebeck" located at Nashville Children's Theatre. Patrons received an in-depth look into Theresa Rebeck's mind as our Artistic Director René D. Copeland moderated.

All of us employees at Nashville Rep throughly enjoyed our time with Theresa Rebeck and the Ingram New Works Playwrights. It's extremely exciting and an honor to be part of the new play writing process. So how did the playwrights respond to the Ingram New Works Lab week?

Ingram New Works Playwright Jennifer BlackmerJennifer Blackmer

Honestly, I think the symposium week was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I've had in a long time. I think Theresa Rebeck is exactly the RIGHT mentor for me, given her strengths in character development and action. As a playwright, I am always intrigued by the ideas in plays – they're most often my "hook" and the place where I begin – but all too often I'll get lost in them too early in the process. Theresa pushed me to look beyond the intellectual and really dig into the emotional lives of my characters, which is EXACTLY what I needed. It is SUCH AN AMAZING privilege to get this kind of feedback so early in my process, and it's really shaped the play, and changed the level at which I work. I'm SO GRATEFUL.

Ingram New Works Playwright Brian D. WalkerBrian D. Walker

Playwright's week was both a great learning experience and tons of fun!  The Nashville theatre community is so incredibly welcoming and nurturing that it feels like I'm part of this special theatre family when I'm there and our largest communal goal is for each of us to have the best possible play to showcase in May.  It's really cool to feel as passionate about Nate, Garrett and Jennifer's processes and advances as I am with my own.  I've never been a part of something like what the Ingram Lab offers and I couldn't be more grateful. Do you want to play a part in the creation of new plays here in Nashville, TN?  We'd love for you to come to our Ingram New Works Festival, May 8-18, 2013. During the festival you not only are the first to see some amazing new plays, but you get to help shape the future of these plays by providing your feedback. When you stop and think about it, you could help shape the next big theatre hit on Broadway!

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