Heart Of Glass: A Christmas Story

Our Professional Marketing and Development Intern Amos Glass shares why he loves Nashville Rep's production of A Christmas Storyon stage now at Nashville Repertory Theatre.

Christmas time is here again which means it's time for Nashville Rep’s holiday tradition - A Christmas Story which continues to be a Nashville family holiday tradition.

The Beginning of A Christmas Story

Jean Sheppard's Christmas tale is the third most beloved Christmas movie of all time, after It's A Wonderful Life and Miracle On 34th Street. One night when director Bob Clark was on a date he heard Jean Shepard’s radio show and drove around for an hour listening and laughing all the way – there the idea for this script was born. The film was a surprise hit when it was released for its first week. Sadly the film was forgotten quickly after being pulled from wide release when MGM doubted it would be profitable. Later, the film was sold as a part of a 50 movie package deal from MGM to Warner Brothers. that sale is what led to the 24 hour movie marathon on TNT that became a holiday traditions for many families.

My family and A Christmas Story 

Growing up as kid I watched the movie with my family. My father found the movie funny, but my mother hated it and thought it was one of the worst Christmas movies ever. My opinion fell somewhere in between these two. This year, Nashville Rep’s production of A Christmas Story has changed my feelings toward this holiday classic.

I was lucky enough to share the joy of this play with my mother, Nadine.  She was happy to see her first show at the Rep, but very reluctant to see this specific one. However, this production has changed her mind and gave her a new sense of appreciation for A Christmas Story. It was exciting to experience that moment with my mother. The basic theme of this story is that no matter what happens being with family is all that matters. That is what makes the Rep’s production so special - the emphasis on family.

The Rep's Magical Production

This production is the most inventive show I have seen since I was in a production of The Wizard of Oz with only 8 people. I couldn't believe that this production only has 7 actors. The ensemble as a whole was so well emotionally connected that the audience couldn't help but become a member of the Parker Family.  Derek Whittaker, who plays the role of both old and young Ralphie, brought everyone from past to present flawlessly. Curtis Reed, Brett Cantrell, Mikey Rosenbaum, and Antonio P. were all fantastic, effortlessly bringing the story to life. My two favorite characters in the show are Mother and The Old Man, played perfectly by Megan Murphy Chambers and Jack E. Chambers. These two actors were the impeccable married couple and reminded me of the antics performed by my own parents growing up throughout the Christmas holiday.  No audience member can leave without either joy for the season or wonderful memories of their own Christmas past.

My favorite part about the holiday season is the love you feel from person to person. Watching Nashville Rep's A Christmas Story gives you that feeling and is the perfect way to start the holiday season. You have until Wednesday, December 21st to continue or start a holiday tradition and see this fantastic show!