Gabrielle Sinclair - Ingram New Works Playwright


As we gear up for our annual Ingram New Works Festival (happening May 6-16, don’t miss it!), we want to introduce you to our three 2014-15 Lab Playwrights: Bianca Sams, Gabrielle Sinclair and Tori Keenan-Zelt. Since October, our lab playwrights have gathered here in Nashville each month with our Resident Playwright Nate Eppler to create, critique, read and write… and rewrite. Mainly to rewrite. And now the final product is almost here! Their months of hard work will be realized with our fabulous Nashville actors giving staged readings of their new plays for you, our wonderful audience. So before you come to the Festival, we want you to get to know our 2014-15 Lab Playwrights. Next up: Gabrielle Sinclair.

Gabrielle SinclairAbout Gabrielle: Gabrielle Sinclair is a playwright and teaching artist based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Gabrielle is also an improviser and sketch writer, and performed with The Annoyance in Chicago, iOWest in Los Angeles, and in festivals around the country. Read more of her bio and credits here.

Her play: In Unfinished Children, a pregnant woman embraces ritual to co-host her own doomed "gender reveal party," where the act of cutting into and eating a very strange cake will reveal not only her child's biological fate but the attendees' darkest secrets and dreams. 

What is your favorite thing about Nashville so far?

Well, the first time I saw the skyline my mouth dropped open and I stopped breathing - I had no idea there was this gorgeous, metropolitan and creatively alive city just beyond the mountains. Everyone I've met, especially at the theater, is so warm, curious and encouraging. I've lived in LA, Chicago and New York, and Nashville combines the best parts of each.

What do you think of Nashville actors?

Oh I love them so. They're fearless and professional and insightful and on point. They've got like two or three days tops with these scripts and come in ready to rock it out. They ask spot on questions, they bring their experiences and also an openness to the work. They're inspiring! It's a pleasure to be in the room with them. I feel like my play is safe in their hands.

Describe one thing you are very excited about in someone else’s Lab play.

I love how Nate's play is both tiny and infinite. I love the musicality of Bianca's language and movement. I love the mayhem bubbling under Tori's world. And I love how each stealthily breaks your heart.

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