Clybourne Park Set Change Video

Plays in Nashville | Clybourne Park Set Change Video

A black and white comedy

In fifteen minutes or less during intermission, we change the Clybourne Park set from the pristine 1959 home to the 2009 run down shell in Act II. Enjoy this black and white comedy play while it is still in Nashville! Meanwhile, see the set transform in a quickened 1:37 second video.

Play Synopsis: Picking up where Lorraine Hansberry left us in A Raisin in the Sun, a white community in 1950s Chicago splinters over the black family about to move in. Fast-forward to our present day, and the same house represents very different demographics. Jokes fly and hidden agendas unfold as two vastly different generations of characters tip-toe the delicate dance of social politics, pitting race against real estate at the crux of two seminal events. These hilarious and horrifying neighbors pitch a battle over territory and legacy that reveals how far our ideas about race and gentrification have evolved… or have they?

Nashville Repertory Theatre’s production of Clybourne Park plays from September 8 – 22, 2012 with preview performances September 6 & 7, 2012 at TPAC’s Andrew Johnson Theatre.

Rated: High School and above Visit: to get your tickets today! Or call the TPAC box office at (615) 782-4040

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