Nashville Repertory Theatre's Clybourne Park Humor

Here is Nashville Repertory Theatre's Clybourne Park Humor made by our New Media/Marketing Coordinator Shane Burkeen.

Clybourne Park is an incredible play! It mixes sensitive racial issues and comedy into one fully charged staged play. I remember the first time I saw a coffee mug with a 50's housewife with the phrase "medicated" on it. These items where a huge hit, playing on the stereotypes of the perfect housewife. So I decided to mix in elements of Clybourne Park into these fun graphics of the actors. I presented one everyday to the actors in rehearsal and since it was such a huge hit with the actors I presented them to our patrons. If you've seen Clybourne Park, make sure to take a look at these again and see if you can find my inspiration for the quotes in the graphics.

Enjoy this professional Nashville theatre production while it lasts!  The show's run is September 8 - 22, 2012 with previews September 6 & 7, 2012.

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