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Inside the Mind of a Scenic Designer | Gary C. Hoff's Cabaret

What was inspired by barbed wire and the German lion symbol? - Gary C. Hoff's Cabaret wallpaper! Yes, it is only November, and Cabaret doesn't open until February 14th, but our scenic shop is getting a head start on building, or maybe they're just as excited for the show as we are...

Gary C Hoff Cabaret Scenic Design

Pictured is Gary in the Props Shop with Evelyn, Properties Master, hard workin' on two things at once. Yep, what you see is a screen material (similar to what you would find on your back door) layered on top of wallpaper paper, as well as lots of food-colored glue. Secret: in Cabaret, the wallpaper and screens will help transform the Johnson Theater into a cabaret in the audience seating area to make the audience feel as though they are in a real Berlin cabaret too.

A great scenic designer is always coming up with a way to make tasks more efficient, and Gary has definitely thought of all the ways to make this long process go faster. He is making six panels, and the pictured wallpaper and screen above is number two.  The first panel duo took two and a half days to "glue" and he hopes the second one will only take two days, now that he's got his process down. Can you believe he has already gone through ten Elmer's glues (we're not talking about the tiny kindergarten sizes here)-- but don't be fooled by the coloring of the glue. This is only the second step in Gary's process. Each panel has a different food-colored glue, mostly because he ran out of the color he was using prior to this panel (below is a screen that has blue glue on it; it's the first panel he did); in other words, the colors don't matter. You'll have to see the show to see how the end product turns out!

Gary C Hoff Cabaret Wallpaper and Screen

Play Synopsis: Willkommen to the Kit Kat Klub. Take your seat at a bar table, order a little something from your fetching cocktail waitress, and immerse yourself in the musical theatre event of a lifetime. You’re not just at the show... you’re in the show as Nashville Rep transforms Johnson Theater into 1930s Berlin. Inside the cabaret, Sally Bowles and the beguiling Emcee live in a seedy, sexy world of delicious decadence, while outside, the gathering storm of Nazi oppression grows. Filled with hit Broadway songs and a story that still speaks profoundly to us today, Cabaret is a knock-out, once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience.

Rated: High School and Above Click HERE to get your tickets today. Special Cabaret table seating available. Or call the TPAC box office at (615) 782-4040

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