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Nashville Rep's Social Media Friends Review Cabaret

All of us at Nashville Rep couldn't be more delighted by all the wonderful reviews for Cabaret. Our Facebook wall, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Pinterest page, etc... are filled with glowing reviews for our production of Cabaret. As a thank you to our social media friends, we have dedicated an entire review trailer full of your reviews.

Our New Media/Marketing Coordinator Shane Burkeen, the megaphone behind Nashville Rep's social media, wanted to find a special way to thank our followers.

Getting behind the wheel of Nashville Rep’s New Media Marketing has been amazing and I’m loving every second of it. I’ve really wanted to make sure our friends were engaged online. I didn’t want to fill Facebook walls, feeds and pages with information that didn’t entertain people. After all entertainment is our business.  And so, my task was set - to funnel as much of Nashville Rep on and off stage as I could into videos and posts. Judging from the feedback we receive, the strategy is working. My phone is constantly buzzing with notifications from social media. This show, in particular, has people talking, and I’m extremely excited to listen and reply! It takes effort to like or comment on a post, I’ll be the first to admit it.  Often times, I find myself reading my friends posts, looking at their pictures, or watching their videos and then moving on without saying a word. Nashville Rep’s friends not only watch, look, and listen but also give us feedback, lots of feedback. Your opinions matter to us because they can help motivate people to come see a show. If Cabaret moved you in a special way, it’s probably going to move your close friends in the same way. You deserved to have your own video dedicated to your reviews. I’ll also admit the songs of Cabaret are so catchy and incredible, that I wanted to give you more of them. Thank you, I truly enjoy being part of your life everyday!

Tennessee Rep's New Media Marketing Coordinator Shane Burkeen | Cabaret Photo Shoot

We hope you enjoy your reviews mixed over some of your favorite songs from Cabaret including: "Two Ladies" with David Compton, Mia Rose Ernst, and Marin Miller; "So What" with Patrick Waller and Ruth Cordell; "Married" with Martha Wilkinson, Derrek Whitaker, and Ruth Cordell; and "Willkommen" with the David Compton, Jenny Littleton, Elizabeth Claire Bailey, Mike Baum, Mia Rose Ernst, Rosemary Fossee, Stephen Michael Jones, Caleb Marshall, Kristi Mason, Jeremy Maxwell, Marin Miller, and Martha Wilkinson. Please keep your reviews coming, we love to hear them! Make sure to tag us on Facebook with @nashrep and on Twitter with @nashrep.

There are less than two weeks before Nashville Repertory Theatre's performance of Cabaret closes. For tickets and information please visit