Cabaret Green Nails | Fashion Trend of 2013


Cabaret's Sally Bowles Approved Fashion Trend - Green Nails

Cabaret Poster Green Nails

You can't say we didn't call it! Emerald Green is the hottest color of 2013, according to the universal color guide - Pantone. So why green nails? The main character of Cabaret, Sally Bowles, was obsessed with green nail polish! In the 1920s, this trend definitely made Sally stand out in a crowd with traditional nail colors being shades of red.

When making the images and poster for Cabaret, our graphic designer, (aka New Media/Marketing Coordinator) Shane Burkeen, wanted to incorporate a real nail polish color into the graphic. Why go through the trouble?

Theatre is stylish! But aside for that, I feel many of our patrons leave the theater wishing they could have a piece of our production to bring home with them to remember the experience always. I was determined they would be able to get in on the action with Cabaret. I made sure the color I used for the nails was a real nail polish color that people could go to the local store and find. After research, I choose the color 'I come in Peas' from Sephora. It was not only the perfect color for Sally, but it's only $9.50 a bottle. This is the same color you see on our posters and the same color Jennie Littleton (who is playing Sally Bowles in Nashville Rep's Cabaret) will be wearing on stage.

Cabaret is only a month away, starting February 14 to March 9, 2013 at TPAC's Johnson Theater. Tickets are on sale now, don't miss when Nashville Rep paints Nashville green!

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