Brian D Walker's THE FRIEND FACTORY Livestream 2013

Did you miss Brian D. Walker’s The Friend Factory during the 2012-2013 Ingram New Works Festival? If so, you can view the archived Livestream video here.

The Friend Factory Synopsis: Jonas and Amy are best friends who’ve hit a rough patch. Jonas wants a boyfriend and Amy wants to make out with Jonas whenever they’ve had a few drinks. Jonas kicks Amy out of his life for a while and goes to a matching service called The Friend Factory. It connects people in their dreams while the client is asleep. Jonas meets the man of his dreams, but it’s all just a little too perfect. Amy struggles to fix their friendship at all costs. Everything gets really crazy really fast and the lines between dreaming and waking life blur as the lines between friend and enemy become clear as day.

Don’t miss out on another great new play here in Nashville, TN. Learn more about Nashville Rep’s 2012-2013 Ingram New Works Project here: