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The Rotten Core | 2012-2013 Professional Intern Production

Breakaway Table

Oh no, someone broke the table!  No worries, it’s supposed to break.  One of my shop projects for the past week has been rigging up our breakaway table for The Rotten Core.

It may not seem that difficult to come up with a broken table, but there are a few tricks to putting it back together so it can appear to break anew each performance.

Breakaway Table Wood

The first step in this project is to cut a new tabletop out of plywood. When the show is over we do want to have a non-broken table again.

Breakaway Table and Table Saw

Next was the task of breaking my new tabletop, since plywood is inherently strong I needed a little help.  I used the table saw to cut a line through all but the very top layer of plywood.

Saw and Hand Effort

The remaining wood was thin enough for me to break by hand which gives it the splintered broken look.

Broken Look Made by Hand and Saw

Okay, it’s broken; now time to put it back together!

There are two things that keep the table together before the big moment.  One is the metal support in the base which normally has screws anchoring it to the table.  The other secret of the table is three matchsticks which insert into holes I drilled into each of the tabletop pieces and keep them from shifting.  When the actor breaks the table, these sticks easily splinter like the rest of the tabletop.

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The Rotten Core Synopsis: A beautiful, yet mysterious young woman shakes New York City’s most notorious group of super villains to the very core when she captures the affections of their leader, Alden, the modern day Adonis. Alden's super villain buddies will stop at nothing to get their buddy back, even if it means killing her. The Rotten Core, a gritty comedy noir, takes you back to a time when New York only answered to the man with the biggest gun. Will The Rotten Core, a band of three super villains--whose names are known through every crevice of their twisted world, let her ruin their rein over New York? Come find out April 28th and 29th, 2013.

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