Bianca Sams - Ingram New Works Playwright


As we gear up for our annual Ingram New Works Festival (happening May 6-16, don’t miss it!), we want to introduce you to our three 2014-15 Lab Playwrights: Bianca Sams, Gabrielle Sinclair and Tori Keenan-Zelt. Since October, our lab playwrights have gathered here in Nashville each month with our Resident Playwright Nate Eppler to create, critique, read and write… and rewrite. Mainly to rewrite. And now the final product is almost here! Their months of hard work will be realized with our fabulous Nashville actors giving staged readings of their new plays for you, our wonderful audience. So before you come to the Festival, we want you to get to know our 2014-15 Lab Playwrights. First up: Bianca Sams.

bianca-samsAbout Bianca: Bianca Sams is an Actor/Writer hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area. Her plays are lyrical investigations of found stories out of today's headlines or the pages of history that ask audiences to face their own complex love affair with misery. Read more of her bio and credits here.

Her play: Simply Bess follows a young African American actress trying to make a name for herself. We see her backstage trials and tribulations on the 1950s European tour of Porgy and Bess, sponsored by the States Department as a way to combat communist propaganda about American racial problems.

What is your favorite thing about Nashville so far? I love the food and beautiful brick work. There is such an amazing mesh of old and new in town that is thrilling.

What do you think of Nashville actors? I have worked with some of the most incredible people since I've been here. The actors especially. Their commitment to the work, the depth of their choices, not to mention they're just genuinely incredible human beings that I want to constantly hang out with.

How is this different than you expected? Creating a new piece is such a scary and painful process. However, every time I come to Nashville it's like the outside stress melts away. The way René, Nate and the team nurture these pieces makes the process easier. I really wouldn't be able to get through a piece this complicated by myself. So I guess what I expected was to be constantly freaking out about the play and when I'm here that quickly goes away.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a playwright? Well, currently, I'm also an actor and dabbling with TV writing. But if I wasn't in the industry at all I'd consider doing something like being a chef or an architect.

Ready to see Simply Bess and the rest of the new plays in our Ingram New Works Festival? Get all the details, and your tickets, here.