An Exclusive LookIn | Little Shop of Horrors

A Behind the Scene Look at Nashville Rep's production of Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors was a monster of a production! Most of us at Nashville Rep still having the music running through our heads and we are asked all the time when we are going to do this musical again. Many things about our production of Little Shop of Horrors blew peoples minds including: the set (that was almost a character in itself), the 5 star cast, the choreography, the stunning costumes... we can go on for days! One part stuck out in everyone's mind though, the Audrey II puppet. How did it work? Was Bakari (the voice of Audrey II) inside the puppet moving it too? Did it really just eat someone? The puppet seemed so lifelike, it was easy to forget that it took constant manpower to manipulate the beast. Our friends at Nashville Public Television filmed our Little Shop of Horrors Lookin to give you an exclusive backstage look at all things Audrey II. Learn more about Nashville Rep's FREE Lookins!

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