Nashville R  epertory Theatre's production of All My Sons

Arthur Miller's All My Sons

Winner of the Drama Critics' Award for Best New Play in 1947 and multiple Tony Award-winner, All My Sons established Arthur Miller as a leading voice in the American theatre. All My Sonsintroduced themes that thread through Miller's work as a whole: the relationships between fathers and sons and the conflict between business and personal ethics.

In this classic American drama, Joe Keller and Steve Deever—partners in a manufacturing plant during World War II—turned out defective airplane parts, causing the deaths of many men. They were sent to prison but Keller was exonerated and went on to have a successful business. In a work of tremendous power, a love affair between Keller's son and Deever’s daughter, the bitterness of George Deever, and the reaction of a son to his father's guilt escalate toward a climax of electrifying intensity.