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Mission statement

Nashville Repertory Theatre exists to serve through creating “Ah-ha!” moments that inspire empathy, prod intellectual and emotional engagement, and expand the creative capacity of audience and artists through the dynamic connection unique to live theatre.

vision statement

To be a strong and vital professional regional theatre that is an indispensable part of our community's creative life, widely embraced and deeply valued as an essential source for illuminating artistic experiences and exciting entertainment, and recognized as a model of sustainability that is home for a thriving community of professional artists and whose name is synonymous with excellence in every aspect.


We believe artistic inspiration is a gift whose purpose is the betterment of humanity, and artists are called to be of service by being the conduit for that gift. In the moment of spiritual connection between artist and receiver, transcendence occurs—a state of spiritual communion—which makes us better individually and better collectively. In that successful moment of spiritual connection a real feeling happens and the first step toward betterment occurs: empathy is created. An “ah-ha!” moment. Humans who cannot feel empathy are doomed to do evil without remorse--empathy is the thing which teaches us to be human. Nashville Rep seeks to create those connective moments with audience members collectively and individually who look for intellectual stimulation and spiritual nourishment through provocative entertainment. We are drawn to produce work characterized by a strong story, whether play or musical, that that can best take advantage of our highly skilled actors and the talents of the company’s extraordinary designers, and through which a compelling spiritual connection can be made.