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The plays within a season are not simply titles pulled out of a hat. There are reasons for selecting each play – maybe one presents an image of unity that can strengthen a community, maybe one explores a personal journey of discovery that could enlighten or encourage an individual, or maybe one overflows with joy and laughter because a shared laugh has amazing healing abilities. Thinking about how one play fits with and compliments another to become a cohesive, season-long experience is part of our responsibility to Nashville. We want to give you community, and you can likewise provide it to us.

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Both Standard and Flex Season Tickets are now on sale. A STANDARD SEASON TICKET includes four tickets - one to each of our four season shows. Each ticket reserves for you a seat on the same day of the week for all show.

A FLEX SEASON TICKET includes four flex passes - each pass can be redeemed for a specific show ticket, and it's your choice how to redeem them. Use all four to see Smart People, or maybe split them into pairs and have a date night to Sense & Sensibility then give a rocking gift of tickets to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson to two friends. Buy as many Flex Subscriptions you'd like, and stock pile flex passes to use on a whim all season long.


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