2017/18 ingram new works faq

Can playwrights from outside of Nashville apply?

Yes. Housing is provided during all events in Nashville and monthly travel stipends are provided to reimburse the cost of travel to Nashville.

What sort of plays are you looking for?

We are not looking for any specific type of play. The Ingram New Works Lab is designed to help the playwright develop the play they’re dying to write. Though we clearly support the proposed project, our artistic investment is ultimately in the playwright. We look for dynamic playwrights with wild imagination, a strong sense of narrative momentum, and clearly defined goals for their proposed project. While making our decisions, we take into account our ability to help the playwright reach those goals. The plays we have developed are as diverse and vibrant as the playwrights we support.

What do you mean by “a play in its earliest stages?”

We are looking for plays that are not yet a finished first draft. The Ingram New Works Lab is built to help in the development of a brand new play and launch that play into production or the next phase of development. Most Lab playwrights start with an idea for a play and no more. Some start with a pile of pages and notes or a few scenes. We do not develop plays that have received development elsewhere.

My play has received a reading at another theatre; can I continue to develop it in the Ingram New Works Lab?

No. The Ingram New Works Lab is not designed for plays that have already received development with other programs.

Does Nashville Rep produce plays developed in the Ingram New Works Lab?

Not typically. While Nashville Rep has produced plays by our Ingram Playwriting Fellows and by our Playwright-in-Residence, the purpose of the Ingram New Works Lab is not to generate plays for production on our mainstage.

Are all of the dates mandatory?

Yes. If you are not able to attend all Lab dates in Nashville including Playwrights Week and the New Works Festival, do not apply.

What happens during a Lab weekend in Nashville?

Lab playwrights arrive Thursday night or early Friday morning for Lab starting at 10am Friday at the Nashville Rep offices. Lab runs 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday, with two plays read on Friday and two plays read on Saturday. Plays are read in the room with professional actors from Nashville’s remarkable pool of artists and are followed by feedback and discussion led by our Lab Director. In addition to Lab sessions, weekends in Nashville also include opportunities to experience the radical hospitality of our great city, see Nashville Rep productions, and connect with the larger community of artists in Nashville.

What is Playwrights Week?

In January, our Ingram New Works Fellow is in residence in Nashville to contribute to the ongoing development of the new Lab plays. Our past Ingram New Works Fellows were David Auburn, John Patrick Shanley, Steven Dietz, Theresa Rebeck, Doug Wright, Donald Margulies, Rebecca Gilman and Christopher Durang. The Fellow responds to each of the plays in readings and private sessions. In addition to Lab sessions with the Fellow, Playwrights Week includes public readings of a play by the Fellow, educational opportunities with the Fellow, and Ingram New Works Lab events. Lab playwrights should be prepared to clear their schedule for the entirety of the week. Playwrights Week will take place January 13-19, 2018.

What is the Festival?

The Ingram New Works Festival is a ten-day celebration of new plays in Nashville featuring public staged readings of the new works developed during the season by Lab playwrights and the Ingram New Works Fellow. Each play is presented twice during the festival.  The Ingram New Works Festival will take place May 9-19, 2018.

What materials do I need to send to apply?

Applicants must send 1) A letter of intent stating your objectives for working on a new play in the Ingram New Works Lab. 2) A one-page bio. And 3) a play that best represents your writing skill. Materials must be sent by using the form on our Applications page.

What are you looking for in a letter of intent stating my objectives for working on a new play?

The purpose of the letter of intent is to describe the project you are proposing to work on at Nashville Rep. Because our interest is in supporting the development of a play that has not yet been written, the letter of intent is the only document in your application that gives us information about the project we will be committing our resources to. We hope that the letter of intent will give us an idea of the project, its scope, its goals, any work you may have already completed on the project, and the reason why you want to work on this play now in the Ingram New Works Lab.

What are you looking for in a bio?

We hope that your bio includes all pertinent biographical information with particular focus on your history as a playwright including education, career highlights, production history and participation in other developmental opportunities. Our preference is narrative bios as opposed to CVs.

What are you looking for in a writing sample?

A strong, compelling, and well-constructed story with fully realized characters, and a dynamic, unique voice. Full-length is preferred, but a substantial one-act play (minimum of one hour running time) will be acceptable for this application. Author and contact information must appear on the title page. Please do not submit musicals, screenplays, TV scripts, or children’s theatre.

Who reads the submissions?

Submissions are read by a combination of professional readers, community stakeholders, Ingram Lab alumni, Nashville Rep’s Playwright-in-Residence, and Nashville Rep’s Artistic Director.

What happens after I submit?

You will be notified by email that we received your application. Finalists will be notified by email in August and many finalists will be asked to take part in phone interviews. A public announcement of the 2017/18 Lab playwrights will be made in September.

What is the deadline for submissions?

Submission deadline is July 24, 2017.

Where can I learn more about the Ingram New Works Project?

Our website is here: http://nashvillerep.org/ingram-new-works

What if my question isn’t answered in this FAQ?

Additional questions can be sent to Nate Eppler, Ingram New Works Lab Director at nate@nashvillerep.org.