Nashville Repertory Theatre's Production of Good Monsters by Nate Eppler

Appropriate audience: Mature. This play contains adult language and sexual content.


Previews: Feb 11-12, 2016
Regular Run: Feb 13-27, 2016


  Johnson Theater, TPAC

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“…completely-engaging, dark, hilarious, disturbing, and thought-provoking story.” – H Snyder

Nashville Repertory Theatre's production of Good Monsters by Nate Eppler. Live onstage at Tennessee Performing Arts Center's (TPAC) Johnson Theater, February 13-27, 2016 with previews February 11-12. Featuring Megan Murphy Chambers as "Josie," Garris Wimmer as "Zell," Alexandra Huff as "Zero," Carey Van Driest as "Darlene," Nathaniel McIntyre as "Frank," and R. Alex Murray as "Dumptruck."

“While the play's subject matter is increasingly topical with the recent officer-involved shootings in the U.S., I saw the play more as a man's personal, internal journey to process a horrible accident for which he feels responsible.” - D Brumley

Frank is a Gulf War veteran and police officer who moonlights as a security guard to make ends meet. Safira was a shoplifter. It was dark. Frank thought she had a gun. She didn't. Now Frank's the guy who shot an unarmed teenager, with ramifications for his wife, his best friend, Safira’s father, and a media spin doctor looking for a story. While he waits for the grand jury, Safira haunts Frank every night and soon she begins to make terrifying demands of him.

“Without sacrificing character or plot development, [the play] forces you to reevaluate the world around you.” – S Summerbell

This stunning psychological drama explores how human beings maneuver through earth-shattering tragedy, with intense focus on the human side of a situation gone horribly wrong. While challenging you to question your own preconceptions of good and bad, whatever they may be, this stirring and emotional play transcends predictable notions on both sides of the political divide, drawing humanity to the forefront.

I am as proud as I can be to present a World Premiere of a play born in our Ingram New Works Project for the second time. I confess I was pretty sure by the time the Festival launched last spring that I would want to produce this play at some point. Seeing how this play, by Nashville Rep’s playwright-in-residence, worked with actors and how the Festival audience responded to it confirmed it for me. Audiences were moved to almost speechlessness, and then once the talkbacks began the conversation was passionate and sometimes prickly. I loved it. I think the remarkable thing about this play is the way it forces a conversation about the human aspect of a really hot button issue—one that was hot when Nate first put pen to paper on this play and has since continued to get hotter. "Frank," a Gulf War vet and police officer, while moonlighting as a security guard shoots a young shoplifter, certain she was armed. She wasn’t. As he awaits trial and she begins to haunt him, I think Nate’s exploration of the anguish of everyone involved in the tragedy is unique and provoking. And of course, there’s no shooting tragedy without a media angle, and through the character of a lawyer looking to help with the “spin”, larger questions arise about how we as a society have come to expect the story to be told. Its being set actually here in our area makes it particularly apropos for us to move this play to its next step. There are scenic challenges and special effects to be figured out, which is a great challenge for our scenic and tech team, and we will be producing it with the Johnson Theatre in the proscenium arrangement (like Sweeney Todd and The Importance of Being Earnest) to better increase our chances of achieving what we want. This play is a terrific catalyst for conversation, intellectually and emotionally stimulating, and you won’t want to miss it.



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